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Blending yoga with health science

Welcome to follow Gently does it Yoga Blog!

"Gently does it" blog by Anna Henriksson covers topics related to yoga, mindfulness, exercise and health behavior change.

Hi and warm welcome to read my blog!

I am Anna from Finland. I'm an exercise and yoga instructor, BSc & MSc student in Public Health. I am the co-founder of Ehona Yoga and Ehona Personal Training & Physiotherapy Studio. I have a passion for covering topics related to health behavior change (e.g. motivation), sports medicine, yoga and mindfulness. I'm also passionate about health promotion in global context sweeten with human rights and environmental health.

I founded this blog to do my part of changing exercise and wellness industry for the better; less competitive and appearance focused… to more sustainable, accepting and joyful. What really matters is your health and wellbeing, not your appearance.

Online yoga teacher

Yoga for better sleep

Backpain, tension headaches, work related stress, anxiety. You name it! There are lots of things that can cause you tossing and turning in the middle of the night when the only thing you wish is to sleep. Yoga can help you with many (if not all) mentioned above and that way to improve your sleep. Healthy sleep allows you to enjoy good physical and mental health.

Gently does it yoga blog

You deserve trustworthy information about creating sustainable health and lifestyle choices. Gently does it blog keeps you safe from appearance pressures and diets.

Ehona Yoga and Gently does it blog are for creating and sustaining health benefits for the mind and body. I am excited to connect with you! -Anna

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